Playa Hermosa Last Days

Located in the Guanacaste province, this breathtaking paradise offers activities for both the timid and wild at heart. Whether you want to tour a volcano or lay by some of the clearest crystal blue waters the world over, Playa Hermosa is a must see to believe destination.

Playa Hermosa is a world of natural wonder and hidden treasures. Near this beach you will find the most beautiful free-floating coral reefs in the world. A parading museum takes you on an endless cycling journey through mountainous formations and sea water, and it is a breathtaking experience for anyone that likes to discover the wonder of nature. A natural beauty has gone missing on the Guanacaste province.

The hike to the waterfall in the Guanacaste province is quite demanding on such a short time of the year. If you need some solitude you can start at the points closest to the beach.

Exploring the cave should have taken about four hours and requires a camp trip to the waterfall. The church is to the east of the small village, which is in the name of the city. The main entry point to Waterfall is in the beach, about 100m away from the cliffs. A short travel distance to the bar is about 6 miles which is a perfect spot to go to get away from the constant chill of the field during the summer solstice.

The Guanacaste province is a tropical spot and most places are relatively clear. What makes it a perfect spot is that you can see the town from the view of the beach. The views from the top, out of the Guanacaste province are spectacular and the view of the river can be spectacular.

If the travel is done without a car then it would be absolutely necessary to drive to the Guanacaste province where you will get the best possible deal. The roads are popular with students who go on spring break.

Get to this Playa Hermosa paradise before it gets too well known and too crowded to enjoy it in its natural state.