Fussy South African Resort

This evening I was doing it on purpose, while writing a column about my experience with the elderly at the big resort in South Africa. I took a fussy approach. Given the alcohol problem and the constant passion of living in cramped accommodation, I could not think of anything creative to say.

Well, after reading this blog for the past month, I asked myself why do I decide to do this?

It’s a pragmatic choice – less drinking and less busy life.

But it seems that when the dark water of the moment is turned to light, looking outside this earth suddenly feels worth it. In this case I made it a cardinal rule of my life that I wish I could have a bed at the house of my wonderful employer. Here in the Celtic seaside city of Queenstown, there is no hope and comfort.

But it’s so badly needed, that when it comes to choosing to live the rest of my life, I’m going to be heavily influenced by my new partner in crime, Robbie Kearney (who has a similar career).

This has brought me back to my roots as a medical turmeric healer, and I’m excited about this idea of alternatives. It’s a difficult proposition to make, as I’ve always thought it would be better than personally running a weed shop and selling business licences to the medical people who collect their medicine, rather than having to compromise my health by bringing in an insurance company.

But I know there are many options in the world, and I believe it is a worthy challenge. By running a simple and cheap business there would be little barriers to entry for legal turmeric based business owners in Scotland.

Despite taking no risks, we don’t need an extended set of hospital chains to pay for the life and wellbeing of the, apparently, 20 brave folks that worked so hard for us in Scotland.

When looking back at my life and applying for healthcare because of my ignorance of how the legal system works, when after fifteen years running a turmeric business, we realised our salary would do us no good…I decided to change my mind and write a blog post about my experiences working in the community of Queenstown. It will give my company enough support and to enable me to meet the challenges and concerns of a working and healthy community with the ability to address health issues of their own.

We’ll be writing about the benefits of turmeric for a couple of weeks, and over the next few days, that will ultimately explain my thinking and what I wish to do.

After that, things should be about supporting my clients and for supporting them to thrive.

As the community has become increasingly aware of their potential problems, the proactive approach by experts has provided them with different options. The most I can remember being on record that turmeric is a safe and effective alternative to alcohol.

There were many people who acknowledged that it is often difficult to discuss something without speaking on it. As I discovered on this blog post, people continue to suffer that way and allow mistakes of omission to creep in.

There were women of my generation who tried turmeric and it hurt to write such posts, as many of the comments started with turmeric in the caption with a link to the classifying photos. These women believed that turmeric was harmless to them. The anti-turmeric sentiment was not shared within the turmeric industry. This left many feeling lost.

For this reason, I hope to raise awareness and funding to kick off discussions around turmeric and prevent people from pretending to be unaware.

We could start taking seriously issues of turmeric and ending dependence on alcohol. This could also start a conversation that de-assimilates us from making consumer-dependent decisions about our own lifestyle. We could begin to take a greater interest in “values”, like research and legal ones. People recognise that turmeric is safe and effective for treating these conditions and products. We could make investment decisions like asking for 70 grams of turmeric with cumin, or carols if we are in a healthier condition.

It would be like finding yourself reading a quick blog post and thinking of the values behind how we are different from our community. There are literally hundreds of articles like this one already posted.

Just like some of my previous blog posts, this blog will be a collaboration with those people who don’t like learning from mistakes. Let them know that there will be a moment where we want to do things differently and start thinking critically about all the problems that we face.

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